Manhattan Usual

Flyfishing NYC Style


My grandpa Cecil Hamilton can take credit for my obsession with angling.  He taught me bait fishing and spin fishing from piers and row boats on the shores and mountain lakes of California.  Eventually, because I wouldn’t let it rest, he bought me a second hand fly rod but couldn’t teach me how to cast with it and frankly, had no use for it.  If you can’t eat a fish there’s no need to catch one, was his view, and you shouldn’t have to work at it.

I didn’t get back to the fly rod until I became a grown-up with a grown-up job, but I haven’t had much use for any other kind of fishing since.  Now I can say that I have years of fly fishing experience and very little in the way of skill to show for it.  I am proud to fish with the ladies of Juliana’s Anglers and the mixed crowd at Theodore Gordon Flyfishers.  If you’ve any curiosity left, I can also be found below.