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October 21st, 2012

Got one!


I am starting a new website with a friend of mine who is one of the best fly tiers around along with a very accomplished fly fisherman. But what we are looking for is a girl to join our team in the website. We are looking for a younger ( 20 and early 30′s), attractive and willing to be on camera. I’m reaching out to you cause it’s been hard to find one. I want to help bring more women into the sport. If gettin them exposer in camera will help , I am all for it.”

Dear Mr. Lost,

Misery lThank you so much for your inquiry. I’m sorry it’s been so hard to find one …. Has it been since birth? Or the result of some mishap?

Anyways, it’s ok by me because I LOVE fishing. And MODELING, and “ACTING”!

I’m 50 years old and rounder than a float tube, but with the right shade of lipstick I am almost as pretty as this lady, in dim light. And I LOVE fishing!!

So when can I start?

Yours truly,

Miss Found